Hand wrap taken seriously


With our unique WrapLab® we can do tests that are based on practice.

In our stretch film market there are labs that do all kind of tests on properties of stretch film. That is good for the manufacturer of these films, but do not tell a lot about the reality.

One of these test is a dart drop test. We have never seen any operator in a warehouse doing this in practice.

In our lab we can measure the force to pull ( the force the operator needs to pull on the film) and the applied force to load of the film to your pallet load. We prefer to keep it simple and based on practice. This resulted in developing system of tools + film that will achieve a more than double containment force on your pallet load (the only valuable point for safe shipping) with less than half of the physical strength ( and that will help you to increase productivity for your operators).

Our tests

We offer tests for:

  • measuring length and width of rolls of film
  • measuring applied length and width of film
  • measuring thickness of the film
  • determing the PPI of hand wrap film used in a designated Wrapplicator®
  • force to load. What is the film actually doing to your load?
  • force to pull. How much effort does it cost your operator to wrap the pallet?
  • NEW!!! load stability of your pallets in relation to the EU regulations

We made easy to use test equipment that is available for your own lab!

  • measure thickness of any film with a tolerance of 0,02 micron. 
  • measure if the structure of your wrapped pallet will meet the EU test (0,5 G)
Pallet tilt machine
test deformation at an angle of 26º (~ 0,5G test)