What is Pack Tools 2.0 BV ?

What is Pack Tools 2.0 BV ?

Pack Tools 2.0 BV is your partner for the safe, efficient, economical and sustainable packaging of pallet loads. We help our customers with advice, conduct research and ensure certification. In recent years we have focused on developing ingenious tools and applications that make manual wrapping easier, faster, safer and cheaper.

In 1999 we started as one of the first in the market to produce pre stretch film for wrapping pallets. The way to apply this film was for most operators new and unusual. 

We designed our own pallet wrap machine that could create a pallet load stabilisation comparable with a load wrapped on a high tech motorized power stretch machine. This machine is simple, solid and low budget.

For hand operation we designed the LiteWrapper® dispenser. This tools is made of aluminum and plastic. Light weight and designed for pre stretched high performance film on a paper core.

In 2009 we introduced LiteWrapperCL® , the new system for wrapping pallets by hand with coreless high performance film.

In 2014 we introduced our versatile Wrapplicator® system. This system can be customized to specific types of high performance films.

We started our WrapLab® in 2015 to offer test reports based on your operation.

Now, in 2022, we are working from our new office and WrapLab® supplying our customers all over the world.