Strap band is commonly used to secure pre-wrapped loads on a pallet. All kinds of smart tools are available to clamp the strap band onto the load. But, before using those tools, the strap band must be fed through the pallet. A back breaking job, mostly performed kneeling….      

We say: NO MORE! Feed your strap band through a pallet WITH EASE.

Pack Tools 2.0 BV is European master distributor of this genius invention .

An innovative pallet threading tool

The StrapBandit is a professional and light weight threading tool, designed to easily feed corded and plastic strap under and through pallets while standing comfortably upright. This means strapping more pallets in less time! And without ergonomic injuries.

How to use the StrapBandit®?

Simply clamp the strap band in the feeder. Use the flexible handle to feed the StrapBandit through the pallet. It’s smart design ensures that the tool doesn’t get stuck. The Strapbandit is easy to use even from an upright position.