We made an app for that

At Pack Tools 2.0 BV we develop tools, machinery and smart applications which help you optimize your business processes. We have apps that show operators exactly how to stabilize a pallet most efficiently. Other ones calculate your actual cost of pallet wrapping, with often unexpected and surprising results.  

Efficient. Transparant. Easy.

Our apps are developed with the following objectives in mind:

  • reducing total cost of ownership
  • reduction of the plastic soup in our oceans
  • more transparacy in the market of wrapping film 
  • making pallet wrapping more fun & easy

Wrap more efficient with the Wrapassist® app

Choose the weight of your pallet, select the type of load, and get instant instructions on how to stabilize your pallet load. 

Wrapassist® helps you to create a secure load stability, while using as little film as possible. The app is aligned to comply with European regulations for load security.

  • Free download 
  • Compatible with ERP software
  • Advice based on tests performed in certified test centers

New release!
Download for free till November 30 2022

Do you get what you pay for? Check it on Wrapp-It ®

Already for decades, the weight of tubes, pallets and other packaging material are included in the price per kilo of wrapping film. But why pay for something that you cannot benefit from? Or that will even cost you money because you need to dispose it?     

Fill in your data in the app, and find out what you really pay for.

  • iOS only
  • Android expected end of 2022


LoadSenz® app

LoadSenz®  is a revolutionary device which measures exactly how much force the wrapping film exercises on the load. 

Measure up to 3 spots on a pallet, make it visible with graphs and compare up to three tests . 

We offer tailor made solutions for our distributors to create their own private database for test results, film comparisons and machine/film performance.