Hand wrap taken seriously


Measure your force to load on your pallet loads instantly with the LoadSenz® tool. 

This small and simple device will show you the applied force to load on your pallet load.
Model E shows the force to load on a display.  

This tool are available through our Excellence Distributors.

This system allows anybody in the supply chain to measure the load stability anytime and anywhere.


Model 1 is a reusable sensor, applied to the pallet before the pallet is wrapped in film. Available Q3 2019
With an external device you make contact to the sensor and the device will show you the applied force to load.

This sensor is attached to your pallet before wrapping with stretch film.

Whenever needed, you can check the force to load by connecting the external electronic device with 2 metal pins punched through the stretch film. The sensor on the LoadSenz® will show you the applied force.

This can be done before shipping, during transport by law enforcement officers and at the destination.