For over 40 years your innovation specialist in load securing and pallet stabilisation

Pack Tools 2.0 BV roots start in 1980, when pallet stretch wrapping machines were rarely installed. Today, 45% of all stretch film is still applied by hand. Pack Tools 2.0 BV took up the challenge to take hand pallet wrap to a professional level.

The evolution of hand pallet wrap

In the 1980s, hand wrapping basically came down to running backwards around a pallet with a tiny roll of ordinary plastic film between one’s fingers. 

During the 1990s, our sister company started producing pre-stretched hand film. With a large part of the stretching already done, this made hand wrapping easier and less restraining. But it still remained a hazardous and back breaking job.

In 1999 we managed to develop a tool to apply pre-stretched film with ease and with a consistent load containment force onto pallet loads. The first Wrapplicator® was born. In the years following, we succesfully introduced improved and customised versions.

Today, hand wrapping has evolved into a global market including millions of users. Manufacturers finally embraced this trend by producing an increasing amount of thin, high performance stretch film. When applied with the right tools, this enables you to create a stable pallet load at a minimum of time, effort and material.

Specialist in hand pallet wrapping

Wrapping pallet loads is serious business

Already for a long time, securing pallet loads is considered being ‘a side issue’. This belief narrowed purchasing of packaging material down to buying the cheapest wrapping film available.

Fact is though, that sliding or tilting loads are responsible for the majority of traffic incidents involving trucks. Frequently even leading to human casualties. Imagine for a moment that one of these victims is your family member. Would you then still consider securing load as a minor issue? Of course you won’t.

At Pack Tools 2.0 BV we consider load securing to be of VITAL importance. It is therefore the shared responsibility of EVERYONE involved in the packaging and transporting process, to ensure that load securing is performed properly and in line with international law.  Wrapping pallet loads is serious business.

photo ⓒEd Coenen

International law concerning load securing?? YES, THERE IS!

It still baffles us, every time a company or transporter turns out to be completely ignorant about the rules or regulations concerning load stability. 

Within the European Union for example, law EU-40509 applies. It states that PALLET LOADS SHOULD BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND FORCES UP TO 0,5G WITHOUT ANY DEFORMATIONS. That means NO SLIDING and NO TILTING. Violation of these rules can result in  considerable fines or even long-term  driving bans. 

One more reason to take wrapping of pallet loads EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. Which is exactly what Pack Tools 2.0 BV does.    

Pack Tools 2.0 BV future proof

Pack Tools 2.0 BV continues designing innovative tools that can process new types of film. Our dispensers are often developed in combination with specific kinds of high performance film, in order to obtain optimal load stability at a minimum of costs.   

We also seriously consider our clients’ feedback. This enables us to develop new tools, apps, test equipment and other services which keep us at the forefront of our business.