Hand wrap taken seriously


The original and patented WRAPPLICATOR®.

The Wrapplicator® is a worldwide patented dispenser that is introduced in 2015.
The Wrapplicator® is sold exclusively through our partners in North America, Europe and Asia as a part of a designated hand wrap system. Our partners produce special formulated stretch film to offer you the best experience and lowest cost per wrapped pallet.

Different.. Unique

Mix and Match

Everything is Possible!

We design your tool.
Dispenser for coreless film or on a paper core? No problem!
Magnets to hang the dispenser on a pallet rack or loading dock? 

Your own color? Your own logo? QR code to bring your customer to a special landing page? special grip on the rollers? blown film or cast film? 38 mm, 50 mm or 76 mm core diameter? Fixed tension, ABC brake or adjustable tension? Designated pre stretch ratio (10-110%)?

You name it, we make it!

Our Baby Wrapplicator®

This cute little Wrapplicator® is designed for banding film.

Available for cored and coreless films

Projects we did with our partners

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