Hand wrap taken seriously

Pack Tools 2.0 BV designs tools for plastic (PP and PET) strapping to increase productivity.

Double Strap Cart CD 100

The CD 100 applies two straps in 1 time.

The arms on the foot will guide the straps through the pallet while in the same time the straps are push over the pallet.

It will save you time and bending.

We are master distributor in Europe for StrapBandit, the coolest tool to thread your strap.

Standing 2

Technical information:

Length: 180 cm
Head Width: 83 mm
Head Height: 49 mm
Weight: 213 grams

Made of high impact nylon with a durable and flexible polyurethane cleat and a highly flexible fiberglass rod.

StrapBandit works with all types of plastic and corded strapping

To complete the system we designed a tray to carry your StrapBandit on a trolley.

StrapBandit is designed to make the pallet threading process faster, safer and better.

  • It’s fast and securely holds the strapping.

  • It significantly reduces stooping and kneeling.

  • It doesn’t get stuck or stopped.

To take your StrapBandit® with your cart and tools we developed a complete set.

Strap cart, StrapBandit® and bracket to store your Strapbandit®