Hand pallet wrap systems

Since 1999 we are developing and producing hand tools for the operators in warehouses. Make the work easier, better and safer.

A complete hand wrap system

For many of our partners we developed a complete hand wrap system, based on the designated stretch film that works in our Wrapplicator®.

One example is the XT Orange® system.

In many areas our partners offer these type of systems, designed on the available high performance stretch film.

New applications are introduced: bleu tinted stretch film for the meat industry, vented film for products that need to “breath”, black or white opaque film to cover the content of the pallet load. 

Less transport damage

At the moment the costs of damages cause in the transport chain are up to 4% of the value of the shipped product (source: USA). We are talking about billions of Euros. Our goal is to reduce these costs by using our products.

Sustainability, without cost increase

Sustainability is the magic word…until it will cost you. With our tools you reduce the use of packaging material (yes, we sell that too…) But we also decreased the volume of the rolls, weight of the cores and get more products in a box or on a pallet. That saves warehouse space, transport volume and carbon footprint.

Load stability and road safety

A consistent load security that meets the EU regulations avoids movement of the load on a truck. With our tools you will work safer and help to achieve the EU goals to reduce traffic accidents caused by incorrect load stability

Reduce absence

Wrapping pallets manually is a tough job. Walking backwards with a bended back and pulling hard on a roll of film gives a high physical strength.With our system you walk forward without bending. Less fatigueing  and a safe way of working.

At the end our system needs to be affordable for every user. Small or big. XT Orange® is one example of a simple system that helps you to wrap your pallets consistent, safe, easy and cost effective.