The ultimate solution for safe transport of drums

Steel drums are widely used as a reliable means of packaging. Many billions of them are being manufactured for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Transportation of these drums is a delicate and potentially harzardous job.

Drumclip® the certified solution

Drumclip is a certified, innovative and easy tool to safely secure drums during transportation in a warehouse and on the road. The Drumclip can be used multiple times, and is specificly suited for UN 200 liter drums containing chemicals. Distinct drumclips are available for closed drums and drums with lid.


How does Drumclip work?

Drumclip® is super simple to apply. With only 2 Drumclips® you stabilize 4 drum perfectly to a pallet or trailer. The strap is placed over the clips, tension the strap and you are safe to go!

Drumclip® is reusable and saves you time in loading and unloading.

See the difference!

In this video, the front pallets in the trailer are secured with Drumclip®. The second row is secured by conventional means: with pallets on top, strapped to the floor.

Notice what happens during a staged emergency stop…

Drumclips are made of a light weight, glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The basic material is mixed with a colourant to distinguish the various types. A polyester strap secures the drums to the pallet.

The ambient temperature in which the Drumclip can be used, is between -10ºC and + 50ºC.