Bundling and protecting parcels

Do you ship relatively small parcels? Then you can easily save money on shipping costs by bundling multiple cartons into 1 parcel. It will make the life of parcel deliverers also a bit easier.

Save on transport costs and handling

Our Wrapplicator® can be used to wrap your cartons for protection and bundling. With the table brackets mounted on your packing bench you have both hands free to wrap the parcel.

Cost effective and easy to operate!

It's that Simple!

A set of table brackets to install your Wrapplicator® on your packing bench

How to bundle parcels the easy way

Attach the brackets to your table. Use the clips to fix the Wrapplicator® in the indicated position. Now pull the wrapping film out, and place your parcel(s) on the outer edge. Wrap the parcels by tilting them upwards towards the Wrapplicator®. Pull out more film if needed, until the package is completely sealed. Then use a utility knife to cut off any excess film. Done!