Our solutions for a better load stability with less film

Reduce the use of stretch film and increase the load stability.

Hand pallet wrap

45% of all pallets are wrapped manually in Europe. That equals 3 billion pallets annually. We take this seriously.

Bundling parcels

In e-commerce combining boxes to make one parcel will save transport costs and time in the logistic process


The best way to transport drums. Certified on road safety Drumclip is the most simple and smart way to ensure safe transport of drums.


The coolest tool to tread your strap through your pallets without bending or kneeling.


In our in-house WrapLab® we can test stretch films on performance and pallet loads on stability. We measure stretch film on thickness, width and length on request.

Easy Apps

We designed apps for operators and packaging distributors.

Compare stretch films, measure force to load on your pallets, advise how to wrap pallets to meet the EU regulations and more.