Hand wrap taken seriously

PT19 pallet tester

Our lastest test equipment is the PT19.

This unit will test pallets on according ASTM D4169-14, distribution cycle 2

The PT19 is mobile and will lift pallets (max 1500 kgs) in an angle between 0º and 30º. The PT19 has an integrated weighing scale and the platform can be turned 90º to measure 2 sides of the pallet.The platform can be turned 90º in order to test both sides of your pallet.Integrated scale to measure the weight of the pallet

Power supply:   pressed air 6 bar
Two hand operation for safety

Max pallet load on platform 1500 kgs.


Measure your force to load on your pallet loads instantly with the LoadSenz® tool. 

This small and simple device will show you the applied force to load on your pallet load.
Model E shows the force to load on a display.  

This tool are available through our Excellence Distributors.

This system allows anybody in the supply chain to measure the load stability anytime and anywhere.



We developed a tool to measure the thickness of plastic film. Specially pre stretched film is hard to measure, due to the inconsistent smoothness of the film.

With our FT19 you can measure film thickness in microns with an accuracy of ± 0,1 micron.