Hand wrap taken seriously

Over 40 years of experience in picking and packing process we focus on the improvement of the productivity of the operators in warehouses and production areas.

Although a lot of (semi) automated machines are on the market, there is and always will be a hugh part of manual labor. Just because your goods are too big, too small, too heavy, too light or anything else to be handled by a packaging machine. Or the ROI will never show profitability.

Hand pallet wrap

In Europe the market for stretch film is ± 1.300.000.000 kgs of PE plastics. (source AMI 2018). 55% is used with pallet wrapping machines, the rest is applied by hand!
We feel this market is too big not to be taken seriously. We do not play the game of “making the cheapest roll” of film.
Our goal is to offer better tools, better instruction and support to improve load stability, work safety and waste reduction.
Therefor we work with a group of load stability experts (Excellence Distributors) all over the world.
We developed several systems to achieve a consistent load stabilisation at the lowest costs.