LiteWrapperXT® 1

nstruction video

Simple basic way of wrapping your pallets:

  1.  start on top of the pallet
  2.  walk forward (clockwise) and make 2 tours on top of the pallet
  3. go down with 50% overlap of the film
  4. make 2 tours at the foot of the pallet (increase to 3 or 4 if you need stronger load stability)

Wrapplicator® is the newest development for ergonomic hand wrap system.

Wrap your pallets easier, faster, better and consistent at the lowest costs!

Designed to get the best out of high performance films.

Within 60 minutes the film will even tighten stronger around the load, due to the high memory. The film is activated in the dispenser and wants to get back to its original situation.

In 1999 we designed our first hand wrap system to apply pre stretched film easy, fast and consistent.

Now we introduce our newest generation Wrapplicator®, that will work with the modern high tech stretch films that are on the market.

Wrapplicator® is developed to work with high tech stretch films.

We offer models for cored or coreless films that can be tailor made for your specific film or application.

You want your own name, color, size? Just let us know!


Wrapplicator® will be shown at several packaging and logistic shows around the world:


Empack Utrecht

Packexpo Chicago

Businessdagen West Brabant


February 27- March 1, Philadelphia, PA USA


March 29-31 , Monterrey, Mexico


April 5 & 6, Den Bosch, Netherlands


May 4-May 10, Dusseldorf Germany

May 17&18, Liege, Belgium

01 Logo TL Liege Horizontal 2017

September 25-27, Las Vegas, NV, United States



April 12-14, Utrecht, Netherlands

csm EMPACK 2016 CMYK 77cc885fb5

May 31- June 3, Hannover, Germany


November 5-9  Chicago, USA