Our smart calculation tools

The market of stretch film became a ” my roll is cheaper than yours” -war. But there are limits! The variables width, thickness, length and tare weight give a lot of opportunities to create “cheaper” rolls of film.
The latest trend is rewinding with oscillation. The film is applied to the core with a “zig-zag” movement. The optical width of the film is bigger than the effectieve width. The result is, that you have to make more rotations to get a good stablized pallet load.
With these smart calculation tools we help you to determine the real costs, to check the specs of the supplied film and to calculate the real costs of wrapping your pallets.

How many pallets can I wrap with 1 roll of film?

Everybody knows exactly the price of a roll of film. But do you also know what you can do with that roll?
Make your calculation here.

How many turns should I make to wrap a pallet?

Do you know how much time it takes to wrap a pallet?
Make your calculation here.

What does it cost to wrap 1 pallet?

Forget the price per roll. Calculate the total costs of ownership.
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What gauge (thickness) is my stretch film?

Size does not matter…Use this calculation to determine the thickness of your film. It’s good to know, but keep in mind that thickness is not equal to strength. Thinner film can be stronger than thick film.
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How many meters are on my roll of film?

Did you get another offer of a “300 meter” hand roll? To good to be true? Check here what you will get.
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What should be the weight of my roll of film?

You pay per kilo, but do you get the kilos they charged you?
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What stretch percentage does my system really achieve?

Is your machine performing like the brochure promised you? Do I really need 400% film?
Make your callation here.

What do I save with a Wrapplicator® system?

Nice stuff, that Wrapplicator® system. Is it expensive?
Calculate here your savings in time and money and your carbon footprint reduction.
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