Pack Tools 2.0 BV opened a unique WrapLab© where we test (hand) wrap.

 MG 8295-L

We offer tests for:

  • measuring length and width of rolls of film
  • measuring applied length and width of film
  • measuring thickness of the film
  • determing the PPI of hand wrap film used in a designated Wrapplicator®
  • force to load. What is the film actually doing to your load?
  • force to pull. How much effort does it cost your operator to wrap the pallet?
  • NEW!!! load stability of your pallets in relation to the EU regulations

We made easy to use test equipment that is available for your own lab!

  • measure thickness of any film with a tolerance of 0,02 micron. 
  • measure if the structure of your wrapped pallet will meet the EU test (0,5 G)

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