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We move (on)!

To find a better space for our expanding WrapLab© we will move to a bigger facility.

Beginning of 2018 we move to:

Daalderweg 5A

4879 AX Etten Leur

Beside our unique WrapLab©  we will also set up a training room and a museum of packing tools.

Winner Logistica Award 2017 Public’s Votes

Winnaar publieksprijs_UK

The Wrapplicator® is winner of the prestigious Logistica Publics Votes Award.

We are very proud and want to thank all voters for this great result.

iPhone app

We did a major update on our iOS app Wrapp It!

With Wrapp It! you can compare the results of load stability and costs between the conventional method and wrapping with high performance film applied by the Wrapplicator®.
The app will now calculate the PPI of the applied stretch film to a pallet and generate a quote directly from the app with a test report. 

Be convinced in less than 10 minutes and send your sales offer at the spot.

As distributor you can enter the name and weight of your type of film you are comparing in the field test.


The PPI is the practice performance index.

This index gives a value to the film applied to your load, based on test in your warehouse.
Forget about dart drop tests, tear resistance, ASTM and other scientific laboratory tests.
Hand wrap is done by hand. So test the performance in practice!

The PPI is a value of the efficiency of stretch film applied to your pallet. The PPI informs you how much film you need to apply 10 kgs of force to load on your products.
OK. But what does it tell me?
Simple. Just multiply the PPI value of your current film and the film applied by the Wrapplicator® (in your warehouse on your products) with the price per kg (or lbs.) of the net film.


Your current price for net film is € 1,85. The PPI for this film is 86,7.  The value is 160,4

Same pallet wrapped with the Wrapplicator® and high performance film give a PPI of 33,8.
Net price for the high performance film is € 4 per kg ( first thought: that’s expensive!).
The value now is 135,2. 

The “expensive” film is 15% more efficient and cost effective, so you will save 15% on the cost of wrapping your pallets !

Customer stories

In this section we will inform you about projects we work on with customers.

Our Wrapplicator® system is available in the following countries :

Norway   Sweden  Denmark  Ireland  United Kingdom  Netherlands  Belgium  Germany  Italy Greece Spain Slovenia Poland  USA  Mexico  Canada  Korea  Malaysia  Singapore

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